Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair Specialists

Contact us for emergency roof repair specialists or tarp service.

  • We respond to and will get to your location within hours of your call.
  • We will tarp the roof to ensure all openings are covered and your home protected
  • We will remove all damaged wood and flashing and other forms of debris before we begin our emergency roof repair

Concerning have a tarp placed on your roof, your insurance company typically will cover such protection without charging you for any portion of it. Please check with your insurance company for confirmation.

We have helped numerous home owners and businesses with emergency roof repair and tarping. We have experience with how to navigate the insurance claims to quick storm damage repair(We are insurance claims specialist)

emergency roof repair Huntsville and Madison

We specialize in emergency roofing services for:​

  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Residential Properties
  • Funeral Homes


Once your roof has become compromised it is critical that you not delay in getting help for your roof. Water can do its damage quickly. Give us a call ASAP so that we can help to mitigate the damages and remove the threat to your home or business.

Professional Emergency Installation

Don’t be fooled. There are many roofing companies that claim to perform emergency roof tarping. In fact, due to inexperience they may actually do more harm than good. There is a proper method to putting a tarp on a roof.

Just so you know…placing a tarp on your roof is not just stretching a tarp across your roof and then tacking down the edges. In actuality, it involves a custom fit tarp (not all roofs can be tarped adequately) that is stretched across your roof, wrapped in 1×4 or 1×6 pieces of wood and then nailed to the fascia of your home. This ensures that you have a very strong and weather resistant roof. You may see many home and businesses with blue tarp roofs that have seemingly been on their roof for a long time. This is testament to the way the tarp was attached to the roof.

Tarping your roof is truly intended to be a temporary measure and is to protect the interior structure of your home and its furnishings. Eventually, the tarp should be replaced and a new roof installed.

An improperly installed temporary or emergency roof can lead to leaks, which causes additional issues.

If you live in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Georgia and you are needing emergency roof repair or tarp installation on your home or business. Give us a call first and let us give you a Roof Inspection (onsite or over the phone). No job is too big or too small. Contact us today. You will be glad you did.