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Property Restoration Service After A Disaster

A severe storm can be a frightening event. While we hunker down inside, our properties take the brunt of the storm. A roofing system is the part of your home that often sustains the most damage during a storm. 

If wind, rain, and hail recently moved through your area, your roofing system may have been damaged or weakened. Shingles can be bruised by small hailstones, while wind can lift the shingles and break the seals underneath. How do you know if your roof has storm damage? The average property owner is not trained to spot these issues. Only once there are clear signs of damage, such as a leak or shingles on the ground, will they know the roofing system was compromised. 

If you have just experienced a major weather incident, don’t wait until you start seeing signs of roof deterioration. Contact an experienced roofing contractor, like Agape Roofing LLC to perform a roof inspection right away. These trained professionals can identify hidden issues before it negatively impacts your overall system.

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Assessing hail damage is often subjective, with damage ranging from minor marks and blemishes to major punctures. Large punctures in your roof are an immediate water hazard and will quickly result in damage to the interior of your home.

However, surprisingly small amounts of damage can harm the granulated surfaces resulting in future problems. With hail damage, you will find tiny granules of a roof missing. These granules protect the underlying bitumen from the harmful effects of the sun. Therefore, without these granules on the shingles, the asphaltic bitumen will eventually deteriorate. This will allow the fiberglass substrate to become exposed, eventually causing your roof to leak. As the damage becomes worse, the lifespan of your roof decreases and your roof will eventually begin to leak. The roof damage caused by a hail storm might not result in an immediate leak, but it is much more cost effective to repair the damage at this point than to wait until a leaking roof begins to destroy the content of your home!

For this reason, it is critical to have a qualified individual inspect your roof.

If you live in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Georgia and you need a property restoration service, give us a call first and let us give you a free estimate (onsite or over the phone). We can restore and or install a variety of types of roofs using various materials. Contact us today. You will be glad you did. 

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